Welcome to G3W-SUITEΒΆ

G3W-SUITE is a frame-work, based on Django and written in Python language, which allows to manage in an integrated way the different components of QGIS for the realization of its own Geographic Information System and for the publication on WebGis of its own projects in a simple and intuitive way.

G3W-SUITE is entirely based on tested Open Source software components built around QGIS:

  • QGIS Desktop: for cartographic data management, editing and realization of high quality graphic projects

  • QGIS Server: for the publication of QGIS projects as OGC services

The current development policy provides for the compatibility of the G3W-SUITE application only with the latest LTR version of QGIS

The current release (3.7) is compatible with QGIS 3.28 LTR (Server and Desktop).

G3W-SUITE is a modular client-server application for the publication and management of QGIS cartographic projects, consisting of 3 components:

  • G3W-ADMIN: Administration component (project management, ACL, OGC proxy server, API rest server)

  • G3W-CLIENT: Cartographic client for consultation and interaction with OGC services

  • Front-end geographic portal: access to information, thematic groups and WebGis services

Through the web interface of the G3W-SUITE framework it is possible to:

  • publish QGIS projects directly on WebGis in a structured way

  • organize webgis services in thematic-functional containers of various levels

  • manage users and groups of users by defining each of them different functional roles

  • create and manage research methods

  • allow online editing

  • activate specific functional modules

  • define permissions to access services and to use functional modules at the individual user level

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