G3W-SUITE is a modular client-server application for the management and publication of interactive map projects.

The framework was born from the need to have a software capable of publishing, in total autonomy and in a simple and fast way on a webgis client, cartographic projects realized with QGIS.

The following aspects will be analyzed within the manual:

  • organization and optimization of data and QGIS projects for web publishing

  • organization of cartographic contents in a hierarchical way: macro groups and cartographic groups

  • user management and access control systems for consultation and management of webgis services

  • management of the online editing function for the creation of web cartographic management systems

The current release is compatible with QGIS 3.10.x LTR.(Server and Desktop).




At the moment is not used a classic versioning system for the suite, there are main 3 branches.

Branch Python version Django version QGIS API Status
dev 3.6 2.2 Used Continue developing
dj22-py3 3.6 2.2 Not used Bug fixing
py2 2.7 1.11 Not used Bug fixing